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A lot of people are saying that Quarrel is a cross between the board games RISK and SCRABBLE and we really would like to be different and describe it as something else that means the same thing… but a combination of RISK and SCRABBLE is simply the best description for this XBLA title.

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Quarrel draws strategic inspiration from RISK and word combat from SCRABBLE… with a little bit of COUNTDOWN thrown in during certain timed sections! Players battle over a game board and advance their armies across different tiles to essentially win more land. Strategy comes into play when it comes to dividing up your troops as players can only create a word as big as the army they have in play. While battling against an opponent for land, both players will be faced with an 8 letter selection of words and although an 8 letter word might be visible in that collection of letters, if a players has only 5 troops battling in that area, then they are restricted to a 5 word answer. Inspiration is then taken from scrabble when it comes to the value of words. A five letter word is obviously larger then a three letter word however as certain letters and combinations create more points, players will find that less can be more in this game. Also time plays a critical factor as players will have a limit to submit their answer, there’s the Countdown influence.

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If a player is successful in gaining/ defending a piece of territory, they can then advance forth and conquer more land however a certain number of troops must be left behind to defend that territory. Although 1 single troop might stay holding the flag-pole for a player’s team, that one troop will have a hard time getting a high-scoring 1 letter word if attacked by an opponent with more troops…

When it’s a players turn they have the option to decide where to advance or send into battle their troops. They then take part in any word battles but when it’s not a players turn they can also participate in defending their territory from attackers so gamers are never left idle when their opponents are taking their turn. More troops can be gain in end of turn bonus and other methods so competition certainly increases heavily as turns progress.

Graphically the game has a light-hearted cartoon vibe and allows for Avatar use (always a plus) and custom soundtracks. Originally an Ipad & Iphone game, this game was touch-screen controlled but control with the 360 controller is fine. Words are limited to 8 letters so there are no lengthy sections of scrolling across the screen to hit the right key.

Quarrel xbla screenshot 3

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There are a good number of different game modes available; 1 vs 1 against the AI, different multiplayer options that allow up to 4 players at once and a challenge mode. A game like this is certainly best played against friends as it’s easier to lose to someone who can admit has a better vocabulary then you, rather than a smug stranger over XBOX Live whose Avatar might be laughing at you for your ability to spell only “Cat,” “Dog” and other small words.

Finally at only 400 points you can’t argue with that price. Recommended.

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