New Skylanders Giants Video!

Categories: Xbox 360 News
Written By: KeithGeo

Skylanders, my kids have gone crazy over Skylanders.  There are loads of them floating around my house now, Skylanders are the Transformers, GIJOE and Pokemon of this generation I believe.  Not only can you play the game using them, but they also are highly detailed collectible characters as well.  The game itself is a pretty cool dungeon crawler type game that utilizes level up skills.  You need to have the right skylander for the right job, to pass certain obstacles in the game you switch out your guys on the portal and away you go.  As a collector of games myself, especially older Retro consoles, I love to see my kids building up their collection of Skylanders and the will be delighted when they hear about the Giant Skylanders that are on the way!  Check out the Vid below to get more details on these Giant additions to the Skylanders universe.

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