Some of the Best Console Case Mods around

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We certainly don’t recommend opening up your consoles and turning them into works of art, it will obviously void your warranty for one thing, but you have to admit some of the more talented people out there can do an amazing job with some imagination, a screwdriver and a bit of paint. Check out some of the best console case mods below. There are a lot more out there, some of the PC case mod’s are simply Jaw Dropping, these ones are the best console case mods i could find.

Clerks Nintendo Wii

Big Kevin Smith fan, if you are too you will love this case mod for the Nintendo Wii featuring 4 of the clerks guys. Sweet.

Incredible Hulk Wii

The guys over at Instructables created this one. Hulk Like.


One of the stranger console mods out there, if your a fan of Toast and Nintendo then you will appreciate this one. Created by Rich Daluz of, its basically a Super Nintendo shoved into a toaster with some flashing LED lights!

PS3 Steampunk

Awesome looking PS3 case mod, uber-futuristic design.

Call of Duty Xbox 360

This 360 comes complete with its own battle scene, not bad.

Halo 3 Xbox

This is one of my favorites, love the idea behind it, the two spartans back to back with the 360 acting as wall. It’s called ‘Craget’ and was built in 2 months by the Designer from the UK in his spare time.

Millenium Falcon Xbox

The guys are at it again over on instructables with this amazing mod of an Xbox into the Falcon.

Nintendo 64 Tie Fighter

This Tie Fighter Nintendo 64 case was create by a guy called . Jim G. The force is strong with this one.

Superman Xbox 360

This Supe’s case was created by Largo Mods, Im a big superman fan and would love to get my hands on this one!

Rainbow Six Las Vegas PS3

This one is inspired by the Rainbow Six Las Vega’s game, it works well, the Playstation 3 makes a good tower!

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