Minecraft Preview – The Next Big Thing?

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Written By: KeithGeo

Every few years a game comes along and changes the face of both PC and console gaming. Half Life in 1998 inspired Bungie to create Halo, while Call of Duty inspired many developers to introduce iron sights, sprinting and other such actions we now take for granted. And now we’ve this little gem that is none other than Minecraft.

Minecraft is currently in Alpha testing and to date has sold over half a million copies. Half a million. For a game that’s barely had any advertising. That’s nowhere near ready for full release. To top things off, the developer is one sole Scandinavian person, who’s currently rolling around in five million euro. The games amazing numbers have come through solely word of mouth and in recent months the games pre-orders have been coming in at nearly 10,000 a day. Of course, what’s a preview without actually previewing the game? Well the developer has the alpha on release to anyone who pre-orders, as well as Minecraft classic, the very early stages of Minecrafts development, free for anyone to play through the website.

Minecrafts gameplay is so simple to understand, but so creative and sometimes complicated to play. In Alpha, the sole game mode is survival. You start the game by entering a randomly generated world. Now, go play. It’s up to you what to do next.

You have your bare hands. At night time, zombies, spiders and other enemies spawn and can kill you. What should you do? It’s up to you. Most people would beat down some tress, make some wooden planks, make a basic pick-axe, dig for coal, make some torches, go mining underground, discover water veins and redirect the water to cool down some newly discovered lava tunnels, then build some storage cases and make some diamond axes, make a shovel, grab some sand and make glass, hunt down animals, cook them, eat them, use their skin and create armour, make a bow and arrow, shoot down some enemies, reap the rewards they contain. This is the BASICS of how Minecraft COULD be played. Other players could simply build a fortress on top of a hill and keep a watch out over their beloved island. Or, like a lot of players, they could gather resources and build some epic monuments like this

Or this

The randomly generated maps are huge and could take hours upon hours to fully explore every area. With the game being constantly improved and updated, the game keeps getting better; new ore to mine, new enemies to discover, new items to craft, new modes to play. The game boasts online and local play. Servers are popping up everywhere with people innovating and playing together. Heck there’s even a guy making a 1:1 scale of the Starship Enterprise and is calling for help to finish it.

There’s no doubt about it. Behind the shoddy blocky graphics is a mind of a genius. This is how Lego games should be. Minecraft hasn’t even got a rough timeframe for full release and it looks set to hit one million sales by Christmas. There’s no doubt about it. If you have a PC, go play the free version. It doesn’t need a flashy PC, just some imagination and survival instincts. Minecraft is here to stay, baby.

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